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Admissions Information

Admission to the Professional Pharmacy Program

Admissions into the professional Pharm.D. program in the College of Pharmacy is competitive. The faculty and administration of the College of Pharmacy establish the operating policies and methods of selection for the admissions committee, and the guidelines are followed carefully and diligently. Members of the admissions committee are appointed annually.

The admissions committee must rely heavily on objective data, particularly science and mathematics grade average and overall grade average. A preliminary selection of applicants will be made based on initial evaluation of these criteria.

Applicants selected during this process are required interview in person before a committee composed of faculty members and pharmacy students. The interview process provides an opportunity to assess such concerns as motivation, character, personal objectives and communication skills.

An appraisal from all aspects of the interview is included in the applicant's file and is weighed, along with other factors, such as consistence of academic performance, by the admissions committee in making its final recommendation regarding admission to the Dean of the College of Pharmacy.

Follows is a list of the minimum standards:

  1. Satisfactory completion of at least 58 semesters hours of the pre-pharmacy curriculum;
  2. Completion of all pre-pharmacy biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics courses; Organic Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry II Lab and Microbiology must have been completed within seven years of the semester for which an applicant is seeking admission. All pre-professional requirements not completed prior to admission to the professional Pharm.D. program must be completed within one calendar year of the date of admission;
  3. A minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.50.


Incomplete, late or improperly prepared applications will not be processed. All admissions are subject to any conditions specified in the admission letter and other correspondence from the College of Pharmacy.

Admission to Pre-Pharmacy Program

The pre-pharmacy program at SWOSU is open to all high school graduates and college transfer students who have not completed the requirements of the pre-pharmacy curriculum and who qualify for and obtain admission to SWOSU.

Admission with Advanced Standing
from other Accredited Colleges of Pharmacy

Applicants may be considered by the Admissions Committee for admission with advanced standing if they have completed work beyond the pre-pharmacy level in another institution accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. The applicant must not be on academic or disciplinary probation or suspension, and such applicants must have passed each course accepted for transfer credit with a grade at least “C” or better. The completed work must be equivalent in content to that offered at SWOSU. In addition to official transcripts, applicants must submit their PCAT scores and a letter of good standing from the Dean of the College of Pharmacy last attended. A minimum of two semesters residency with at least thirty semester hours of credit is required for graduation of all students transferring to SWOSU from other Colleges of pharmacy, regardless of the amount of work previously completed.

Advanced Standing Examinations and CLEP

Advanced Standing Examinations and College Level Examinations Program (CLEP) tests are given for some subjects included in the pre-pharmacy curriculum. Subject to certain conditions, a student may elect to take Advanced Standing or CLEP Examinations for the purpose of earning credit for courses. Eligible students are encouraged to participate in the examination programs. Contact the Pharmacy Admissions Counselor for information relative to the examinations.