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COP Standing Committee

Student Membership


The Assessment Committee shall develop and maintain an assessment plan, including mechanisms for the collection and utilization of assessment data. The committee shall review programs, services, and outcomes with the intent of continuous quality improvement. The committee shall also use assessment data to guide the evaluation of the mission and strategic plan, recognize current and future directions in assessment, recommend changes in assessment tools and procedures that will improve program outcomes, communicate assessment data and findings to the College of Pharmacy community, including faculty and stakeholders, and in conjunction with the Faculty Development Committee, identify and/or develop training opportunities in assessment.

Student Members

Landon Santa-Pinter (P2)


The overall mission of the Communications Committee is to foster proper and continuous communication across the College of Pharmacy community and its stakeholders. The committee shall be responsible for reviewing and developing recommendations to improve communication, as well as advising on the utilization of communication technology. The committee shall also ensure proper execution of communication elements in the strategic plan and accreditation documents.

Student Members

Faith Bryan (P1)

Abigail Newman (P3)

Abigail Thibodeaux (P2)

Caitlin Seigrist (P1)


The Curriculum Committee shall be responsible for the development, evaluation, and continuous quality improvement of the pre-professional and professional curricula and ensuring that the curriculum is consistent with the collective vision of the faculty and administration. The committee shall systematically review the curricular structure and content to ensure that students acquire the ability-based educational competencies established by the College of Pharmacy and that the curriculum meets accreditation standards. In addition, the Curriculum Committee shall address any other curricular-related issues as necessary.

Student Members


Teresa Carter (P3)

Kiel Smith (P1)

Austin Brooke (P3)

Haley Nap (P3)


Kenzie Boyle (P1)


The Professionalism Committee shall nurture and develop the attitudes, qualities and values that define the profession of pharmacy. The committee shall design, implement, and maintain a variety of activities to provide ongoing development of professional attitudes and behaviors throughout the curriculum. The committee shall be responsible for reviewing and revising the College of Pharmacy Professionalism Policy.

Student Members


Elizabeth Brown (P3)

Dallas Johnson (P1)

Alexis Lovett (P3)


Jackson Beach (P2)

Adrian Tomaskovic (P1)


The Resources Committee shall be responsible for determining the resource needs of the faculty and students, prioritizing resource needs and requests, and making recommendations to the dean and Executive Committee for the purchase of resources. The committee membership shall be assigned to one of three major areas of responsibility: library and educational resources, research resources, and technology and equipment.

Student Members

Julianne Henry (P2)

Kaci Baca (P3)

Megan Do (P2)

Substance Misuse/Abuse Awareness Committee

Shall mean a committee of students, faculty and the assistant dean authorized by the dean of the SWOSU COP and the president of SWOSU to serve as an identifiable resource within the COP to encourage the referral of students with suspected chemical impairment problems to the Oklahoma Pharmacists Helping Pharmacists for further evaluation and treatment as needed, utilizing the COP approved policies and procedures.

Student Members

Lauren Chastain (P3)

2021 - 2022 Ad Hoc Committee

PharmD/MBA Dual Degrees Advisory Committee
Interprofessional Education (IPE) Committee

The CPD/Co-C Ad Hoc Advisory Committee advises and provides direction for the coursework and procedures used in the Continuing Professional Development program and the Co-Curricular activities of the students.