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President's Leadership Class

Setting the Standard in Leadership

SSWOSU offers a select few students the experience of developing their leadership skills through a four-semester program – The President's Leadership Class (PLC). Each year, approximately 15 of SWOSU’s top entering freshmen are chosen to be President’s Leadership Class Scholars. Each scholar is awarded a $2,000 scholarship and receives four semesters of leadership training that fosters both intellectual and personal growth. The President’s Leadership Class develops leaders who hold a profound understanding of leadership and its responsible application within organizations, communities and their states.

Team Building

The President's Leadership Class learns to work in teams and on group projects.


Scholarship and Benefits

Freshmen and sophomore PLC members receive a $1,000 scholarship/stipend plus lots more.


Oklahoma State Capitol Trip

In the spring, PLC members visit the state capitol for legislative session.

Environmental Chemistry

Community Service

PLC members give back and assist others and learn the significance of volunteerism and community service.

PLC Information

Leadership Activities

  • Business & community leader lectures
  • SWOSU faculty lectures
  • Discussion groups
  • Group projects
  • Community service
  • Internships


Must meet one of three.

  • ACT Score of 24 or Higher
  • Top 40% of Graduating Class
  • Exceptional Activities, Athletics, or Community Service

Scholarships and Benefits

  • $1,000 Scholarship/Stipend for the Freshman and Sophomore years.
  • Freshman year Residence Hall scholarship valued for the rate of a “regular” double-occupancy room.  This scholarship will cover the “regular” room cost per semester for the Freshman year.  It can be applied towards the cost of a private room or towards a room in Black Kettle Hall, but will only cover the regular portion of the room rate.
  • Early enrollment opportunity.
  • Opportunity to meet and learn from business and political leaders from the area, state and nation.

Class Makeup

  • Approximately 15 freshman students are selected each year.
  • Applications will be accepted September 1 through February 1 of the applicants senior year.
  • Selection Committee and SWOSU President makes final selections after personal interviews.
  • Class selected by 1st week of May.

Class Format

  • Monthly meetings with SWOSU President.
  • Weekly class meetings that will constitute one credit hour per semester.
  • Trip to Oklahoma State Capitol during the Spring Semester for Legislative Session.
  • Dinner with donors at Governor's Mansion, during the Fall Semester.


  • Expand existing leadership pool in student body:This helps develop students to assume leadership roles in student groups and throughout the campus.
  • Demonstrate that freshman students are important.
  • Students gain better sense of elements of leadership and different leadership styles.
  • Outreach program can help SWOSU recruitment of high school scholars.
  • Students serve as ambassadors of SWOSU.
  • Develop future business, community, and political leaders for Western Oklahoma.
  • Alumnus of PLC will become a great support group for future university and alumni projects.