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Environmental and Organismal Biology B.S.

Environmental & Organismal Biology Program

Students who select this program will study vertebrate and invertebrate organisms and plants and the environment. Learning from experts in the field, you will experience firsthand data collection and analysis of organisms in both field and laboratory settings. Students also engage in research activities with biological sciences faculty that can result in presentations and publications. 

Experience impactful lectures and enjoy field trips to diverse habitats that range from aquatic springs and water bodies to grasslands and forest areas in the region.  The combination of a broad undergraduate coursework and mentored research opportunities provide SWOSU biology graduates a high acceptance rate into graduate and veterinarian programs.


SWOSU Graduates are ready to forge ahead in exciting and fulfilling careers.

Steven Chase Stroud, M.D.

Steven Chase Stroud, M.D.

PGY1 Resident, Internal Medicine
University of Arizona

SWOSU provided an excellent foundation to pursue medical school. The biology professors are truly passionate about teaching, and are great resources to help students develop meaningful research projects and participate in volunteering activities. Everything from individualized teaching to letters of recommendation for medical school, the SWOSU Biology Department had me covered from day one. 

Abby McKisson

Abby McKisson

First-Year Vet Student, Oklahoma State University

The quality of professors, availability of resources, and opportunity to gain research experience have undoubtedly prepared me for success in veterinary school. Being the first student to graduate with the Environmental and Organismal Biology degree, I can attest to the rigor and excellence of these classes. The smaller class sizes truly give a sense of camaraderie and allow for genuine interaction with the SWOSU professors. 

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