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World Languages

Discover the World through Languages

World Languages Minor

In our interconnected world, knowing multiple languages can open the doors to many exciting careers around the world, strengthen intercultural appreciation and prepare students to be a global citizen.

At SWOSU Department of Language and Literature we offer the World Languages Minor. The goal of the World Languages minor is to prepare students to be able to communicate effectively while visiting a café in Costa Rica, asking for directions to the Colosseum in Rome, conversing with a friend in American Sign Language about family or translating a text in Latin.

A minor in World Languages

  • Provides students with communication skills in at least two languages other than English, choosing from among the following languages offered at SWOSU: Italian, Spanish, American Sign Language and Latin
  • Is ONLY 5 courses (19-20 credits)
  • Is offered fully ONLINE, If preferred.

Benefits of the World Languages

  • Be conversant in at least 2 languages
  • Gain awareness and appreciation about the cultures and traditions of a variety of countries
  • Apply to exclusive scholarship opportunities
  • Become a lifetime member of Language Honor Societies (Alpha Mu Gamma National Foreign Languages Honor Society and Gamma Alpha Kappa Italian Honor Society) upon meeting the requirements
  • Participate in extracurricular and volunteer activities at the Annual SWOSU World Languages Week and other events throughout the academic year
  • Become a member of the World Languages and Cultures Association, a student organization at SWOSU
  • Take your resume to the next level
  • Study Abroad opportunities