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PharmCORP Workshops

Clinical Skills Lab

Activities: Perform clinical skills including reflexes, use of a glucometer and peak flow readings. Students will also use lab data to assess disease states.

Instructor: Dr. Krista Brooks

clinical skills 1
clinical skills 2
clinical skills 3

Compounding Lab

Activities:  Prepare pharmaceutical dosage forms including lip balm and hand sanitizer gel

Instructor: Dr. Shelly Stockton 

compounding lab 1
compounding lab 2
compounding lab 3

Dispensing Lab

Activities:  Fill a prescription and counsel over the medication, participate in a “pill” counting race

Instructor:  Dr. Jeanna Smith

dispensing 1
dispensing 2
dispensing 3

Pharmacist Education Workshop

Activities: This workshop will feature skills and techniques a pharmacist must use in educating patients about diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Instructor: Dr. Sarah Yount

Education Photo

Education Photo

Physiology Lab

Activities: Learn about the autonomic nervous system and effects of medications

Instructor: Dr. Lisa Appeddu

physiology 1
physiology 2
physiology 3

Problem-Solving Workshop

Activities: This workshop will be in an “escape room” or “crime scene investigation” style format. Students will play the role of the clinical pharmacist to solve a patient case and help save the day!

Instructors: Dr. Sally Drinnon & Dr. Steve Drinnon

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Research Lab

Activities:  Test tablets for various quality standards, analyze other pharmaceutical dosage forms

Instructor:  Dr. Hardeep Saluja

research 1
research 2
research 3

Sterile Products Lab

Activities:  Prepare a product to be administered intravenously in a sterile clean room environment

Instructor:  Dr. Erin Callen

sterile products 1
sterile products 2
sterile products 3