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Student Policies

Upward Bound (UB) seeks to establish a positive, caring environment in which students can grow, discover their strengths, and achieve success. For this to happen, each person must acknowledge and respect the needs and rights of others in the UB community. With this in mind, policies exist to provide the norms of respectful and responsible behavior within the program. All students must comply with these standards.

Please realize these policies are not in place to act as a punishment. While you are living on campus at SWOSU this summer, you are our responsibility. It is not a responsibility we take lightly. Some policies are in place for safety; others are in place for fostering and promoting a healthy learning atmosphere, free from outside distractions.

Behavior Policy

 At all times, UB students will conduct themselves appropriately. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Fighting (to include threats of violence) will not be tolerated and is cause for immediate dismissal from the program.
  2. Swearing or other vulgar language is prohibited.
  3. Public displays of affection between any two students and/or staff members are not allowed while attending the UB Program.
  4. Students must pay attention to and obey all instructions given by program staff.
  5. Excessively raised voices must not be used in classroom buildings, cafeteria, public buildings, or other places.
  6. Students are expected to maintain a positive attitude about their involvement in UB and are responsible for sustaining a positive learning environment for themselves and others.
  7. Students are expected to behave at all times in a manner that reflects respect and consideration for themselves, for each other, for the staff, for the program, for the University, its property and personnel.
  8. It is strictly prohibited to be on the floor of the opposite sex. Student(s) will be dismissed immediately from the program.

Illegal Substances & Weapons Policy

 Possession or use of any of the following items is cause for immediate dismissal from the UB Program.

  1. Guns or firearms of any type;
  2. Knives or other dangerous sharp items, including pocketknives; or any item intended to cause bodily harm;
  3. Tobacco in any form; SWOSU is a tobacco free campus as of July 1, 2011.
  4. Any controlled substances or alcoholic beverages.

Electronic Device Policy

The following items are unnecessary for participation in the UB program and may cause distractions. Thus, the following items are not allowed or are restricted during the summer residential program or during campus meetings.

  1. Cell phones will be allowed while on campus, however;
    1. Students will not be permitted to talk on their phone during classes and activities; these include regular classes, fine arts classes, student court, field trips, general sessions, morning exercise, and athletics.
    2. All phones must be on silent (not vibrate) during classes and activities.
    3. All phones will be taken up at Room Curfew; students will not be permitted to talk on the phone all night while they should be sleeping.
    4. Any student who is in violation of this policy will have his/her phone taken up and it will be at the discretion of the Director or the Dorm Supervisor as to when he/she will get it back before the Program ends.
    5. If a phone is visible during any class, it will be taken and kept the remainder of the summer!
  2. There will be no MP3 players, portable CD and DVD players, video games, or other electronic devices allowed in any classroom. Nor are they allowed to be used during any UB activity. Do Not wear ear buds in your ears or around your neck while in class. They will be taken up immediately.
  3. Participants should not bring a personal computer. UB has purchased a number of laptops for student use.

Neither the UB Program nor Southwestern Oklahoma State University is responsible for the loss or damage of personal items owned by its staff or participants.

Automobile Policy

  1. Students may not ride in cars driven by other UBers during program time. Program time begins when students arrive on campus on Sunday and ends when they leave campus on Friday. Written consent is required from a parent or legal guardian, in advance, in order to leave in any vehicle other than that which is provided by UB or by a student’s family. Riding or sitting in parked cars with non-program participants is also prohibited.
  2. Students who drive themselves to and from the summer residential program must check their car keys with an office staff member while they are on campus. This includes Bridge students.

Dress & Appearance Policy

There is a high correlation between the quality of an individual’s performance, conduct and appearance. In addition, public opinion of any group is influenced by the appearance of its participants as individuals and as a group. SWOSU UB participants are expected to be neatly dressed and well-groomed. A good personal appearance is an asset to a student both socially and academically. UB is federally funded; i.e., your community’s taxes contribute to its existence. Therefore, all individuals affiliated with the program are expected to positively represent the program.

  1. No tank tops, midriff-baring shirts, or excessively short skirts or shorts. Exposed undergarments are not appropriate.
  2. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing and paraphernalia with profanity or suggestive slogans relating to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, violence, gangs, Satanism, or cults, are strictly prohibited.
  3. All clothing should be of a length within the parameters of good taste and must be hemmed.
  4. No unnatural hair colors, either temporary or permanent.
  5. Body art (such as tattoos) must be covered by clothing at all times.
  6. The director of UB or her authorized representative has the authority and responsibility to make the final decision determining if wearing apparel and personal appearance are in violation of moderation, good taste, regulations, or are disruptive to the educational process.

Dormitory Policy

Dorm Life

The dorm will be "home" for 60 + students and nine staff this summer. We hope the dorms provide each person in UB a secure and comfortable base from which to learn and grow. In order for this to happen, each of us will have to be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others as well as to our own. Each of us shares the responsibility for developing and maintaining the supportive and caring atmosphere that is a vital part of UB.

  1. Students may not leave their room during Room Curfew (10:30 p.m. - 6 a.m.) unless to go to the bathroom.
  1. Students may not leave their dorm floor before 6:50 a.m.
  1. Students may not visit on the floors of the opposite sex at any time. Doing so will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  1. Students may not enter another student’s room without invitation or expressed permission.
  1. Duct taping other students, water fights, shaving cream fights, or any similar activities is strictly prohibited inside the dorm.

Room & Roommates

All UB students will be sharing a room with one other student. Students will be given the choice of whom they would like to room with. If you do not have a roommate selected, the decision will rest with the staff. We expect UB students to give their best effort to make their living situation work.

Students are responsible for keeping their rooms reasonably clean and undamaged. An inventory of each room is conducted with SWOSU personnel prior to the start of the program. Each room will again be checked before departure at the close of the program. Roommates will share the cost of missing or damaged items. If any personal, dorm, or university property is damaged, lost, or stolen, it should be reported to UB immediately.

Under special circumstances, the dorm supervisor will consider requests for room changes. Normally, such requests are considered only after the completion of the first week of the summer program.

Personal Hygiene

The daily condition of your room is left to be determined by you and your roommate. However, you can expect to receive feedback at any time if the condition of your room is neither conducive to study and sleep nor to generally healthy and sanitary living. You can likewise expect to receive feedback if your personal hygiene is not all it should be. When so many people occupy the same space, it is incumbent upon each of us to ensure that we shower daily and that our clothing is washed regularly.

Dorm Curfew, Quiet Time & Room Curfew

Dorm curfew begins at 9:15 p.m. each night. All Upward Bound students must be in the dorm at this time.

Quiet time is from 9:15 p.m. until 10:15 p.m. During quiet time, students may study, read, write in their journal, or have personal and individual counseling.

Room Curfew is at 10:30 p.m. At this time, all students must be in their own room and all overhead lights are expected to be off. Room curfew is set aside as a time when stereos and radios are turned down low enough so as not to be heard in the hall or in another room. Room curfew ends at 6 a.m.

Health Policies & Procedures

Health Policy

While it is anticipated that students are occasionally sick during the summer program, it is expected that students will make every effort to fully participate in every day’s activities. Students are therefore strongly encouraged to take good care of themselves and their health through the following five steps:

  1. Eat three well-balanced meals each day.
  2. Make sure you are getting sufficient sleep, minimally seven hours a night (this is why we expect overhead lights to be turned off by 10:30 p.m.).
  3. Participate in morning exercise.
  4. Keep your room reasonably clean so that it does not become a den of disease and a pit of pestilence.
  5. Maintain personal hygiene (shower daily, use deodorant, wear clean clothes, etc.) for the sake of your own health and out of respect to others.

The bottom line is that students who are consistently sick and miss classes and other UB activities are simply unable to benefit from the program. Every class day counts, especially since UB classes take place for only five weeks. Additionally, the UB staff is not trained or available to meet the needs of students with chronic and recurring illnesses and injuries.

Students who become seriously ill or are injured while participating in UB will be required to return to their homes in order to receive proper care and attention from their parent(s) or guardian(s). These students will not be permitted to return to UB until they are fully able to participate in program activities.

Note: Parents are asked not to schedule any appointments for their child (medical, dental, etc.) during UB Summer Program so not to interfere with scheduled UB activities.

Procedures in the Event of Illness or Accident

Illness – A Student Who Feels Ill Should:

Report to the dorm supervisor. If the dorm supervisor determines that you need to rest in order to recover from an illness, she will collect any homework that was due for the day to distribute to your teachers. You should have assignments for that day’s classes completed to turn in on time. It is expected that you will be responsible for your improvement and will rest quietly in your room. Specifically, a student who is ill should stay in his or her own room except to use the bathroom. You are not allowed to have any visitors in your room if you are sick, other than your roommate. If the illness goes beyond a couple of hours, parents or guardians should be called to take you home until you are well enough to participate again.

Accident/Injury - A Student Who Suffers an Accident or Injury Should:

  • See the dorm supervisor, or if she is not available, see any peer-mentor/dorm counselor for first aid and/or injury assessment.
  • Students who require medical attention will be taken to SWOSU Health Services or to the emergency room of Weatherford Regional Hospital depending on the hour and the severity of the injury.
  • Students are expected to follow doctor’s orders in caring for their injury.

Medications - Students Taking Prescribed Medications Should:

Indicate the type and purpose of their medication on their medical form and inform the residential staff if medication is prescribed while the program is underway. If parents/guardians want the UB staff to distribute their student's medication, they should include instructions for doing so on the medical form and speak to a staff member before the program begins. Students may not share any medications with other students or staff.

Meals & Nutrition

UB provides all meals for students during the summer program. Meals will be served at the campus cafeteria. The Student Center cafeteria will provide you with a wide variety of food choices including a fresh salad bar. We expect students to choose well-balanced meals at the cafeteria since healthy eating is essential to well-being and is an important skill to learn in preparation for college.

There are a few rules associated with meals at the cafeteria:

  1. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are required for all students every day.
  2. SWOSU Student Center cafeteria prohibits taking any food out of the cafeteria.
  3. Students must check in with the meal monitor at each meal.
  4. For nutritional reasons, students must comply with USDA summer food service regulations.
  5. All students must have milk on their tray, even if they do not plan to drink it.

Fighting Exhaustion

The summer schedule is extremely full and demanding for staff and students alike. Therefore, it is very important to eat right, rest, and exercise in order to maintain mental alertness and physical health. Furthermore, the day starts early, so it is important to know how much sleep you need. If you organize yourself, set priorities and manage your time wisely, and get enough rest, you can avoid exhaustion.

Field Trip Policy

  • Students attending any summer field trip must wear their UB t-shirt for the entire field trip. Other shirts may not be worn over the t-shirt.
  • Students attending any field trip must go and return in transportation provided by UB. No exceptions!

Public Displays of Affection Policy

Public displays of affection between any two students are not allowed while attending SWOSU UB. While on campus, it is expected that all students abide by the PDA rule to help promote a learning environment free from distractions. Any sexual activity involving any student(s) is cause for immediate dismissal from the UB Program.

Attendance Policy

During the residential summer program, all students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and activities, unless specifically excused by the program director or dorm supervisor. Students will only be allowed to miss one week for a camp. Any longer and you will not be allowed to participate. Students enrolled in college courses (Bridge students) are expected to have 100 percent attendance, unless specifically excused by the Bridge coordinator.

Summer Academics Policy

UB is primarily an academic enrichment and college preparatory program. UB’s academic component emphasizes the acquisition of higher order intellectual skills and the development of effective approaches to studying and learning. Small classes allow for a high degree of interaction between student and teacher and frequent feedback, enabling students to better assess their own needs and strengths. Academic classes in UB are demanding yet informal, emphasizing a collaborative approach to learning.

All students will enroll in four of six academic classes: comp/lit, math, science, computers, reading, or foreign language and one of several fine arts electives. It is expected that each student will maintain good discipline in the classroom or risk being asked to leave the program. All work should be completed to the best of the student’s ability and turned in on time. Students who do not abide by classroom policies will be sent to the UB office.

Computing & Internet Policy       

Computing services at SWOSU are provided to promote administrative, educational, and research efforts of the faculty, students, and staff. All persons utilizing these services are responsible to ensure that computing resources are used in an ethical and lawful manner.

  1. Users shall not attempt to degrade or manipulate system-wide performance or capability.
  2. Obscene, threatening, harassing, or intimidating material shall not be entered into the computer or sent by electronic means.
  3. Users shall not examine, change, or use another person's (or institutional) username, password, files, or e-mail.
  4. All individuals using computer and network systems owned by the University are subject to applicable laws and University policies.
  5. UB/SWOSU will not be responsible for unauthorized financial obligations resulting from SWOSU-provided access to the Internet.

Visitors Policy

Visitors are not permitted while living on campus. Students have a very tight schedule that does not allow for visitors. Students go home each weekend and should schedule any visits at that time. Parents/guardians who need to bring something to their son/daughter should first call the UB office at 580.774.7029.