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The Department of Mathematics offers two major programs of study that a student may pursue. The Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics prepares mathematics students for a wide variety of vocations in business, industry, and government service. The second is for the individual who plans a teaching career in mathematics and leads to the Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education. Both degrees require a major of 39 to 41 semester hours.

Degrees Offered

A mathematics major or minor will provide students with many job opportunities besides teaching, such as actuary, computer programmer, agricultural economist, banking, law, computer analyst, and many more. Most job settings require workers to be problem solvers. A mathematics major or minor, when paired with another area of study, enhances job placement in almost any area. Mathematics graduates at SWOSU have been successful in finding jobs in a wide variety of career fields or in pursuing a graduate degree in mathematics and/or computer science.

The Mathematics Department promotes technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Networked PC labs with Derive, Geometer's Sketchpad, and SPSS are located within the department and in several campus buildings. In addition, several classroom sets of graphing calculators are often used as problem solving and investigative tools. All students enrolled in College Algebra are able to borrow a graphing calculator.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University has an active chapter of the Mathematics Honor Society, Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME), whose main objective is to further student interest in mathematics and to familiarize the members with advances being made in this subject. Many students in the Mathematics Department have been active in joining KME and in attending regional and national meetings organized by the society.