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Research Opportunities

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Professors that are currently accepting student assistance in research:

  • Melinda Burgess
  • Stephen Burgess
  • Jared Edwards
  • Jorie Edwards

Research Methods - Students complete a research project as part of class requirements. For more information, contact the instructor.

If you are interested in participating in research or conducting a research project, visit faculty research interests to see whose interests most closely match yours. Contact a faculty member or two, to find out more information about their expectations for student involvement.

We encourage students to present their research projects at professional meetings, including Southwestern Psychological Association, the Regional University Research Fair, and the SWOSU Research Fair. 

Ask questions. Seek information.

The Psychology Department at SWOSU conducts research into the areas of social psychology (prejudice and effects of stereotyping in video games), women’s issues, child literacy, memory and cognition, school counseling, emotional intelligence, issues of child abuse and neglect and health psychology and career counseling.

Faculty Research Interests

Faculty Contact Areas of Interest
Dr. Randy Barnett


  • Factors Associated with Juvenile Delinquency
  • Emotional Intelligence
Dr. Melinda Burgess


  • Media
  • Stereotypes
Dr. Stephen Burgess


  • Literacy: Early Reading Development
  • Use of Literacy by Adults
  • Video Games and Other Media
Dr. Jared Edwards


  • Teaching Strategies in Psychology Classes
  • Variables that Effect Career Decisions and Major Choice

Research Team:

  • Psychological and Career Education and Development (P.A.C.E.D.)
Dr. Jorie Edwards


  • Role of Career Development
  • Students in Transition
  • Perceptions of Mental Health
Dr. Michael Wolff


  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • ADHD