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Social Sciences

Social Sciences Degrees Offered at SWOSU

Why SWOSU is the Place for Social Sciences

The department's 12 members earned Master of Arts degrees and Ph.D.s from research universities all over the country. The diversity of these educational backgrounds translates into rich and engaging class experiences for both department majors as well as students completing the department's general education offerings. SWOSU's social sciences faculty are known for fostering a pursuit of lifelong learning and integrity in their students. This makes SWOSU graduates sought after hires in Oklahoma's job market.

Career Outlook for Social Sciences Majors

What Can I Do With a Criminal Justice Degree?

These days, a degree in criminal justice means more career paths and opportunities for advancement than ever before seen. Innovation in technology and forensics have widened the scope of work in law enforcement and criminology. Employment opportunities for SWOSU graduates with a bachelor's in criminal justice include: U.S. marshal, police officer, county sheriff, state trooper, CIA agent, FBI agent, homicide detective, secret service agent, DEA agent, blood splatter analyst, private detective, forensic science technician, crime scene investigator, computer forensics specialist, fraud investigator, fish and game warden, probation officer, correctional officer, security guard, fire investigator, immigration and customs enforcement agent, and U.S. postal inspector.

What Can I Do With a History Degree?

Majoring in history offers a well-rounded education that hones critical thinking and analytical skills. With a SWOSU History degree, you will hone your ability to research and process large amounts of content and analyze data from a wide variety of sources; you will enhance your organizational skills; you will refine your written and oral communication abilities. All these skills make you more employable, not only as a teacher, but in many other fields including public service, paralegal, corporate and government research, librarian, curator, journalist, and author. Our History Degree also prepares you for entry into a graduate program by offering research opportunities and CV building.

What Can I Do With a History Education Degree?

Students who earn their degree in History Education at SWOSU are some of the best prepared young educators in the nation.  SWOSU’s program offers in depth historical analysis that not only conveys the subject matter necessary for the classroom, but also develops students’ analytical and communication skills that allows our graduates to create unique and creative lessons designed to reach learners of any skill level.  In addition, SWOSU’s program is an Experience Based Teacher Education (EBTE) program that gives students an abundance of real world, hands on experience in the classroom during their studies.  SWOSU History Education majors will receive the benefit of one-on-one advisement throughout their career from the first semester they enroll until they graduate.  SWOSU’s History Education is nationally accredited by CAEP—the Council for the Accreditation for Educator Preparation--and upon graduation students are fully licensed and prepared to enter the classroom.  Employers across the state seek SWOSU History Education graduates and the program currently has a 100% employment rate for students within 6 months of graduation.  If your passion is to teach and impact young minds, then SWOSU’s History Education program is the place for you!

What Can I Do With a Political Science Degree?

A degree in political science from SWOSU will arm you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate a career in government. From civil servant to political leader, a poli sci degree from SWOSU will get you on your way to a meaningful career that helps shape the world in which we live. Here are a few careers for all you future movers and shakers to consider: policy analyst, legislative assistant, public relations, social media manager, attorney, political consultant, intelligence analyst, political campaign staffer, student leadership and activities coordinator.

Start Your Career With SWOSU

The Department of Social Sciences at SWOSU is dedicated to the comprehension and explanation of crime and justice, history, and politics in today's world. SWOSU's courses prepare students to work in their desired fields using a variety of research methods, classroom lectures and projects, and hands-on experiences and written assignments. SWOSU's social sciences courses prepare you to be an effective employee in a number of careers, which will require you to think analytically as well as act humanely when faced with the challenges of today's society.