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Professor Cedric Crink

Professor Cedric Crink taught speech in the Language Arts Department from 1947 to 1974. In addition to his flamboyant teaching style and his gruff manners, Cedrick is remembered for his tender heart and his true and lasting concern for his students. He was an outstanding debate coach, one whose “boys” revered him as their coach, mentor and friend. He was a professional actor, theater manager and licensed parliamentarian. When Cedric died on February 27, 1992, his wife, Helen, made a generous contribution to the Language Arts Department to establish scholarships to perpetuate the memory of Cedric Crink through the Cedric Crink Memorial Scholarship fund.

Professor Damarise Kitch

Professor Damarise Kitch taught theatre and directed plays in the Language Arts Department from 1946 to 1969. Damarise is responsible for Teddy, the theater mascot. She bought Teddy as a prop for The Curious Savage in May 1953. Since then, Teddy has been an important part of the theatre program. Damarise’s life was the theatre and the students at Southwestern. When she died on January 20, 1990, she left her will, which included a generous gift to establish a Damarise Kitch Memorial Scholarship.

Molly Strickler

Molly Strickler was the wife of Language Arts instructor Steve Strickler. After Molly’s death on August 25, 1998, Steve and many of Molly’s friends and relatives established the Molly Strickler Memorial Scholarship for theatre students at Southwestern. Molly was a vital part of the department as a faculty wife, a talented actress and a courageous lady who lived her life to the fullest in spite of pain and illness. Her beauty, courage and artistic talents inspired all of her many friends. The Molly Strickler Memorial Scholarship perpetuates the memory of this remarkable woman.