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Honors Program

All That Hard Work Has Paid Off

Since its founding, the Honors Program at SWOSU has celebrated excellence in academic achievement, critical thinking, innovation and cultural understanding. In other words, our Honors Program embraces the egghead who lives in you.

Our Honors Program offers highly motivated students (like you) a chance to link up with SWOSU’s intelligentsia in a quest for a deeper academic life. This means you will get to experience a different kind of teaching that challenges you intellectually, creatively and socially. You’ll have the opportunity to excel outside the classroom through research, service learning and study abroad.

Enrolled as an Honors Program student you’ll have

  • the benefit of personalized advising and priority registration;
  • access to a resource center that will serve as your home away from home for classes, group activities and studying; and
  • the advantage of us working with you, when the time comes, to help you pursue a post-graduate education and scholarships.