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Honors Program



The mission of the SWOSU Honors Program is to present undergraduate students with opportunities for a broader, deeper and interdisciplinary educational experiences. The program seeks to cultivate academic excellence and scholarship in a diverse environment dedicated to achieving exceptional learning and personal standards.

Program Goals

The Honors Program will provide academic opportunities for students to develop a broad understanding of education in the Arts and Sciences as it relates to developing mastery in aesthetic and interpretive understanding; culture and ethics; empirical reasoning; science of living systems and the physical universe; societies of the world; and the United States in the world.

The Honors Program will provide opportunities for students to develop reasoning approaches that include interdisciplinary and creative analyses of enduring questions.

The Honors Program will require and provide students the opportunity to engage in a specialized, in-depth capstone experience that results in a self-reflective, analytical, and creative honors presentation and thesis.

The Honors Program promotes a community of scholars that values academic excellence, global education, diversity, and civic engagement.