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HLC Team Members

The HLC Steering Team and Criterion Teams prepare for the visits, write the Assurance Arguments, complete the Federal Compliance Review, and plan for continuous improvement.

HLC Steering Team

  • Joel Kendall, Chair
  • Ruth Boyd
  • Brenda Burgess
  • Jason Dupree
  • Lori Gwyn
Criterion Teams
Member Department
Team 1 - Mission
Jason Dupree, Chair  
Denise Landrum-Geyer Language and Literature
Randy Beckloff International Students
Patsy Parker Business/Engineering Technology
Krista Brooks Pharmacy
Todd Wiggen Business
Jason Johnson Chemistry
Shelley Martinson Music
Eric Pritchard Park and Recreation Management
Zach Jones Biological Sciences
Team 2 - Integrity
Lori Gwyn, Chair  
Tim Hubin Chemistry
Raygan Chain Business
Jeremy Evert Engineering Technology
Rickey Cothran Biological Sciences
Horrick Sharma Pharmacy
Lisa Friesen CETL
Marc DiPaolo Language and Literature
Amber Sturgeon Kinesiology
Michael Dougherty Mathematics
Robin Jones Art, Communication and Theatre
Team 3 - TL Quality
Ruth Boyd, Chair  
Frederic Murray Library
Amanda Evert Business
Mapopa Sanga CETL
Todd Parker Art, Communication and Theatre
Becky Bruce Social Sciences
Holly McKee Business
Veronica Aguinaga Education
Mark Gales Pharmacy
Bill Swartwood CAAS Dean
Team 4 - TL Evaluation
Joel Kendall, Chair  
Anne Pate Allied Health 
Sunu Kodumthara Social Sciences
Veronica McGowan CETL
Brian Rickel Business
Sarah Ramsey Pharmacy
Amy Barnett Education
Wendy Yoder Retention Management
Swarup Ghosh Mathematics
Geo Kelley Marketing
Team 5 - Resources
Brenda Burgess, Chair  
Nate Downs PCEC
Randy Barnett Psychology
Les Ramos Pharmacy
Patricia Garcia Comptroller
Garrett King Foundation
Jieun Chang Social Sciences
Chad Kinder BPGS Dean
Trisha Wald Business
Muatasem Ubeidat Biological Sciences