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Healthccare Internship 3972-3978

Healthcare Administration Internship ALHLT 3978

During the last semester of the student’s degree completion a practical application is devoted to serving an apprenticeship within a health care facility. Students serve under selected administrators in the areas of hospital, long term care, mental health care, home health, governmental health, voluntary health, and health research project administration.  This internship consists of an eight-week apprenticeship, in a selected health care facility, during which a visit is made to each service department within the hospital or health care facility. This allows the student to develop an understanding of the roles and functions of each department.


3963 Healthcare Project Management

Application Deadlines: 6-8 weeks prior to desired internship


Signs are posted at the beginning of each semester with date, time and location for an informational meeting regarding the HCA Internships, this meeting will also be uploaded to the ALHLT 3978 HCA Internship Course on Canvas.  Attending an on-site meeting or watching the video is mandatory and quizzes will be completed after this informational meeting is completed. Internships are called ARRANGED courses and will need Mrs. Stubbs’ approval to enroll.  After completing and uploading all required documents for the internship a grade will be given.  The 8- hour internship will be an 8 week, 8-5, M-F internship that will be set up between the student and HCA Internship Coordinator.