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Calendar How-tos

How to Approve an Event

Below are step-by-step instructions for viewing an event. SWOSU courses are imported from Colleague, so do not approve any submitted events that are for courses.

(The How to Approve Events button is a visual representation of the following steps.)

Trumba Login

Step 1

Be sure you are viewing event in the "Submitted" folder under SWOSU events.

Step 2

  • Filter Events by Venue and choose the venue for which you are an approver.

Step 3

  • Select event

Step 4

  • Select "SWOSU Events>>Ready to Publish" from the "Also shows on" dropdown

Step 5

  • Make any updates to the event that are needed

Steps 6

  • Click "OK"

Next steps?

When the events in the "Submitted" folder are added to the "Ready to Publish" folder, a notification will be sent to the calendar publisher to publish the event.

Other Questions?

If this page doesn't provide the calendar help you need, you can email us your question.

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