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Graduate Program Checklist

Sequential Steps to Be Followed in a Master’s Degree Program

A Self-Help Guide

  • Admission to Graduate Degree Program
    • File Application for Admission or readmission to the University with the Academic Records (not required of students enrolled at SWOSU during the previous year).
    • File health history and submit proof of required immunizations to Student Health Services.
    • File Application for Admission to Graduate Studies with the Graduate Office.
    • Provide official transcript(s) of all previous college work not already on file with the Academic Records at SWOSU.
    • Provide other credentials (GRE scores, references, etc.) as required by the degree program for which you are applying.
    • Submit Portfolio – M.Ed. in Educational Administration requires an e-portfolio; M.Ed. in School Counseling and M.Ed. in School Psychometry (requires a paper portfolio ) – see advisor or department contact person for more information.
  • Following Admission to a Degree Program
    • Meet with your advisor during your semester of admission and complete a Plan of Study.
    • Enroll or pre-enroll on enrollment dates listed in the class schedules.
  • Admission to Degree Candidacy
    • With the assistance of your advisor, complete an Application for Admission to Candidacy after the completion of 24-30 semester hours of graduate work. Obtain
    • appropriate signatures and submit Candidacy form to the Graduate Office. The
    • completed/signed form must reach the Graduate Office by the first Monday after the close of the drop/add date of the semester in which you intend to graduate.
    • Master of Education, Master of Science in Community Counseling and Specialist in Education students must complete the Capstone Experience during their final semester (with the exception of certain programs-check program pages for details). Students must enroll in the Capstone Experience class, complete the Registration Form, and turn the form in to their advisor.
    • Each M.B.A. graduate must complete the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Major Field Test in Business during their last semester of their M.B.A. program.
    • File an Application for Graduation with the Academic Records. This application should be
    • submitted to the Academic Records’s Office during the first two weeks of the semester in which the student expects to graduate.
    • Pick up a cap and gown at University Bookstore.
  • Summary Checklist
    • Required number of semester hours for the degree.
    • All required courses completed.
    • An overall grade point average of at least 3.0 (B) on graduate work.
    • The Master of Music degree program with no Applied Music grades below “B” that count toward degree requirements.
    • No grades below “C” applied toward degree requirements.
    • Not more than six (6) semester hours of “C” applied toward the degree.
    • Not more than six (6) semester hours of individual study/directed reading applied toward the degree.
    • No correspondence study credit applied toward the degree.
    • Graduate credits completed beyond six (6) years not applicable for semester hours required but may meet course requirements in a degree program.
    • Not more than nine (9) approved semester hours of transfer credit. This includes courses from accredited institutions, as well as courses taken at SWOSU, prior to admission into a degree program. Only courses with a grade of “A” or “B” may be transferred.