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N. Background Check

Upon admission to the COP and at various times during the program, students are required at their expense, to request a national criminal background and national sexual offender report by a SWOSU COP approved reporting agency. COP students must have on file, a clear national criminal background and a national sexual offender report completed within 12 months of any rotation. This report is sent directly to the COP, as well to the student. The most current copy of the background check must be provided by the student, if requested, to a rotation site.

Any student requiring a waiver from OBN or DEA will not be enrolled in or allowed to complete an Experiential Education Experience. Therefore, they will not be admitted into the professional program or be able to progress through the program.

If a student has a break in enrollment or if the student is unable to provide a copy of their background check to a site, the student will be required obtain an additional national criminal background and national sexual offender report by an approved SWOSU reporting agency at their expense. The results will be sent directly to both the COP and the student. This must be done in accordance with the OEE regulations and timelines.

SWOSU COP background check policy link

Any student, who fails to meet these requirements as set by the OEE, will experience a consequence for failing to complete and/or provide documentation per the regulations and deadlines set by the OEE. (See specific consequences outlined in the students section.)