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Pharmacy Leadership Innovation and Quality Outcomes



To provide a transformational learning environment for CoP students. A destination where select students excel as Scholar Practitioners focused on honing their ability to apply leadership skill and innovative thought to the complex challenges faced in pharmaceutical practice.


To create pharmacy scholar practitioners who are the first choice of employees throughout the country.

SWOSU College of Pharmacy Center of Excellence is excited to announce the Sims’ Leadership Development Program. This Program is designed as a degree specialization for an exclusive group of College of Pharmacy students. This degree specialization provides a unique opportunity for students to differentiate themselves from their peers in the job marketplace. Graduates of this program will join an exclusive group of Sims’ Leadership Scholar Practitioners. The Sims’ Scholars are pharmacy scholar practitioners uniquely qualified to rise to the challenges created by the quality-gap in today’s health care environment. These scholar practitioners will be innovative thought leaders trained to proactively address the challenges faced in our health-care system.

  • Increase your competitive advantage and differentiate yourself in the job marketplace.
  • Earn advanced leadership development with a focus on innovation and quality.
  • Apply for funds to support your leadership development.
  • Enjoy field trips with the team.

Contact Information

Tami Moser, Ph.D.

Professor Pharmacy Administration

Coordinator, Center of Excellence