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Research Opportunities

The College of Pharmacy at Southwestern Oklahoma State University offers many opportunities for research and scholarly activity to students at the post-graduate, graduate, and undergraduate levels. In addition, the College of Pharmacy encourages interdisciplinary collaborations within the College, university, and beyond.

Residency Programs: These are one-year post-graduate training opportunities for Doctor of Pharmacy students. Please contact Dr. Nancy Williams, Associate Dean for Clinical Programs and Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, for more information.

Scholarship Rotation: This is a Selective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) rotation for fourth year Doctor of Pharmacy students. Select highly-motivated students will be given a unique opportunity to work in conjunction with a Pharmacy Practice faculty member on a scholarly project. The primary goal of the rotation is for the student to successfully publish a journal article or make a professional presentation at a local, state or national meeting Please contact Dr. Christy Cox, Director of Experiential Programs, for more information.

Student Research Positions: Being part of a teaching institution, the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences welcomes students enrolled at Southwestern Oklahoma State University to collaborate with faculty members in research. Direct experience with collecting data from research subjects, conducting laboratory procedures, modelling drugs, and analyzing data on the computer enables students to have a greater appreciation for the challenges and rewards involved in the planning, execution, publication/presentation, and ultimate application of research. We encourage you to contact Dr. Lisa Appeddu for current opportunities, plus to learn about the types of work being done by the Faculty & Research Groups.

bloodtestStudent Pharmacist Research Elective: The College of Pharmacy offers an elective in research (PHARM 4101 or 4102 PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH) to students in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. Students may earn one to two hours of elective credit under the guidance and supervision of a College of Pharmacy faculty member. Students will participate in original research projects or other scholarly activities (e.g., review article or case report) with the goal of producing a publication or presentation at a meeting by the end of the semester. Contact Dr. Les Ramos, Associate Dean of the College of Pharmacy, for more information on this opportunity.

College of Pharmacy Research Funds: Three on-going avenues for funding are available for faculty in the College of Pharmacy. At the start of the Fall semester, Southwestern Oklahoma State University provides Organized Research Funds to deans for distribution to interested faculty. This source of funding may be used to support student research assistants. The H.F. Timmons Endowment has provided a generous gift to support research, scholarly activity, and other efforts of the College of Pharmacy. The third funding source is administered via the Resources Committee of the College of Pharmacy in which faculty may submit a request for funding. Contact Dr. David Ralph, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, for more information regarding the requirements of the first two funding sources, and Dr. Lisa Appeddu concerning the application to the Resources Committee. Other internal and external funding opportunities may be found by contacting the Office of Sponsored Programs