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Responsibilities of OK-LSAMP STEM Scholars

Current SWOSU OK-LSAMP Students

You were chosen as an OK-LSAMP STEM Scholar
because you met or exceeded these selection criteria:

  • Standard eligibility requirements
  • Minimum cumulative or graduation/retention GPA of 3.0
  • Full-time student in an approved STEM field and concentration/specialization/emphasis
  • Able to participate in and contribute to program activities
  • Demonstrated a serious interest in pursuing investigative studies and a graduate level degree in STEM
  • Demonstrated a desire to promote and further the efforts of OK-LSAMP STEM and the NSF-LSAMP program in your community

Your Continuing Requirements

  • Maintain minimum cumulative or graduation/retention GPA of 3.0 and satisfactory progress towards expected academic goals
  • Retain full-time student status
  • Remain in eligible STEM field
  • Continued active participation in the program including:
    • Active faculty-supervised research (required after completion of 60 credit hours) and research reports
    • Active in required graduate school preparation activities, such as the portfolio classes or other assignments by OK-LSAMP, (required after completion of 75 credit hours)
    • Submission of required reports
    • Active participation in departmental scholarly activities, seminars, etc.
    • Serve as group leader or other peer-mentoring activity, on request, at least one semester
    • Regular class attendance
  • Supply a copy of your grade report at the end of each semester
  • Provide a current course schedule at the beginning of the semester
  • Submit immediately any “drop” and/or “add” change to your semester schedule
  • Promote and further the efforts of OK-LSAMP STEM and the NSF-AMP program by acknowledgement in appropriate publications and at public events