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Chemstiry Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships awarded through the University Foundation are identified with an (F) following the description. Information and applications for Foundation scholarships may be obtained from the Office of Institutional Advancement (Burton House). All other scholarships and awards are administered by organizations, academic departments, and schools. Contact the department chair for additional information.

Stuart Burchett Analytical Chemistry Award

  • Award: $50 Cash Award, framed certificate, and subscription to Analytical Chemistry
  • Criteria: Awarded in alternate years to the outstanding student completing both Quantitative Analysis and Instrumental Analysis.

Stuart Burchett Analytical Chemistry Scholarship

  • Award: $250 scholarship for one semester and framed certificate.
  • Criteria: Awarded each year in the spring semester to the outstanding chemistry major just completing quantitative analysis..

Bobby D. Gunter Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award

  • Award: $50 cash award, Handbook of Chemistry & Physics (provided by Taylor & Frances Group publishing each year if chair remembers to send in flyer immediately after receiving in mail), and framed certificate
  • Criteria: Enrolled in Gen Chem II and performed best on an ACS standardized exam.

G.E. Castleberry Freshman Scholarship

  • Award: $250 per semester until graduation, with a maximum of 6 semesters, and framed certificate.
  • Criteria: Limited to applicants who will be enrolling in Organic Chemistry I for majors in the Fall.

Department Chair's Award

  • Award: $100 cash award and framed certificate.
  • Criteria: Senior chemistry major who demonstrated outstanding service to the Department of Chemistry & Physics and Chemistry Club.

Cronin Scholarship

  • Award: $250 per semester for two semesters and framed certificate.
  • Criteria: Restricted to outstanding Sophomore and Junior Chemistry majors. Generally 3-4 are awarded each year using funds collected by the Chemistry Club during the sale of goggles and lab supplies.

Osborne Scholarship

  • Award: $250 Scholarship per semester for 2 semesters ($500 total)
  • Criteria: For Chemistry majors with solid academic record and/or a history of service for the department who are not residents of the state of Oklahoma. Must be a member of the Chemistry club.

Harold M. White Organic Chemistry Achievement Award

  • Award: PolyEd Award, $500 Scholarship ($250/semester for 2 semesters), and framed certificate
  • Criteria: Selected from Organic Chemistry II major’s section by the corresponding instructor (may be based on ACS exam).

Ed Neparko Senior Chemist Award

  • Award: $250 cash award and framed certificate
  • Criteria: Limited to the outstanding senior chemistry major.
  • Responsibility of : Scholarships and Awards Committee

Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student Award

  • Award: $50 Cash Award and framed certificate
  • Criteria: Organic Chemistry II student (majors or nonmajors section) scoring highest on a standardized exam.

Dan Dill Inorganic Chemistry Award

  • Award: $50 Cash Award and Framed Certificate
  • Criteria: Outstanding performer in Inorganic Chemistry, as judged by the corresponding instructor.

The Neparko Family Chemistry Scholarship

  • Award: $250 per semester until graduation, with a maximum of 6 semesters, and framed certificate
  • Criteria: Limited to Chemistry majors beginning their sophomore year with a gpa of at least 3.25. American Citizen and resident of Oklahoma.

Donald V. Hertzler Scholarship

  • Award: $250 scholarship for 2 semesters ($500 total)
  • Criteria: Awarded to an outstanding high school student who agrees to enroll at SWOSU and declare a major in Chemistry.

All scholarship decisions are made by the Department of Chemistry & Physics Scholarships and Awards Committee. Scholarship applications can be obtained from the Department of Chemistry & Physics chair during the application cycle.

Other SWOSU Scholarships

For more scholarships available at SWOSU, visit the Student Financial Services site.