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B. Global Rotation Objectives

The preceptor(s) and student(s) will work together to meet rotation objectives by setting goals, guiding activities, performing assessments, and conducting self-reflections.


  1. Demonstrate an appropriate depth and breadth of pharmacotherapeutic and disease-related knowledge
  2. Apply problem-solving skills to generate solutions and prioritize professional problems
  3. Formulate responses to drug information requests utilizing appropriate resources and drug literature
  4. Accurately perform pharmaceutical calculations and safely prepare compounded prescriptions


  1. Use the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process (PPCP) to provide patient-centered care. (Collect, Assess, Plan, Implement, and Monitor)
  2. Identify and participate in health and wellness promotion activates targeting individuals and communities
  3. Identify educational needs, deliver education activities, and assess recipient’s understanding
  4. Assess a patients’ health literacy and modify communications to meet patient needs
  5. Demonstrate cultural sensitivity, compassion, and empathy during patient interactions
  6. Effectively communicate orally and/or in writing with patients and other health-care providers
  7. Appropriately document PPCP activities in the practice site’s health record system


  1. Effectively identify roles of team members and maintain a climate of mutual respect
  2. Communicate appropriate information utilizing current evidence-based guidelines to other members of the healthcare team to optimize patient outcomes
  3. Collaborate with other health care members to create a team approach to patient-population centered education and care


  1. Function within drug distribution systems for various practice settings
  2. Is familiar with the technology necessary to maintain or enhance delivery of services and care
  3. Complies with federal, state, and local laws/regulations
  4. Appropriately dispense medications to diverse patient populations
  5. Identifies factors necessary to maintain pharmacy operations and /or quality of care provided
  6. Participates in the operation, evaluation, and/or enforcement of the formulary system
  7. Utilizes systems to prevent, manage, and report medication errors/adverse drug events and conduct drug use evaluations
  8. Implements measures to prevent or resolve medication-related problems
  9. Participates in prospective and/or retrospective financial and clinical outcomes analysis to support formulary recommendations and therapeutic guidelines development
  10. Participates in the documentation of quality assurance activities and medication use systems
  11. Participates in therapeutic protocol review or development currently being implemented or anticipated at the site
  12. Apply evidence-based medicine and information mastery principles in patient care activities
  13. Understands the role of public, private, and professional entities in the monitoring of patient safety and development of treatment standards/guidelines
  14. Display regard of the patient’s well-being and encourages patient responsibility in health care decisions
  15. Utilize institutional procedures and best practices to ensure continuity of care of patients transitioning across healthcare settings


  1. Strive for accuracy and precision by displaying a willingness to recognize, correct, and learn from errors
  2. Performs self-assessment and identifies learning needs for personal and professional growth
  3. Utilize the elements within the Continuing Professional Development proves to develop the habits of a lifelong learner (Reflect, Plan, Learn, Evaluate, and Apply)
  4. Interact effectively to build relationships, promote teamwork, and promote a positive work environment
  5. Contribute to innovation at the site which advance the profession, improve outcomes, and/or overcome barriers
  6. Demonstrates professionalism by managing time effectively, actively participating in the function of site, exhibiting concern for the wellbeing of patients, and taking responsibility for assigned duties/tasks
  7. Maintain professional conduct as expressed in the Oath of a Pharmacist