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A. General Rotation Information

  1. All didactic coursework must be completed before going on APPE Rotations.
  2. Students will NOT be permitted to complete rotations at practice sites in which they have been employed prior to going on rotations.
  3. Students must not receive remuneration for an Experiential Education Course.
  4. The student will be assigned to nine (9) professional experiences each lasting a calendar month.
  5. Four rotations will be completed in the Fall semester (August-November)and Five rotations in the Spring (January –May) semester.
  1. The student will have two of the following four each semester; Selective Medicine A, Selective Medicine B, General Medicine, Ambulatory Care. The other five rotations may be in either semester.
  2. Students will use the ELMS rotation management software to enter preferences for all rotations. The ELMS rotation management software utilizes scheduled optimization to make rotation assignments.


Pharm. D. Professional Experience is an integral part of our curriculum. It will be necessary for most students to accept the inconvenience and cost of re-locating.


Students are based in one of the primary regions (Central and Eastern Oklahoma) for the two semesters of their APPE rotations.

Early in the semester, prior to starting APPE rotations, students will fill out a Region Request Form. This form will allow students to preference a primary region to base their APPE rotations from. Available regions and capacity in each region vary from semester to semester.

Students are assigned to a primary region by the OEE. In the event that there is not enough capacity to fulfill all student requests for a location, the OEE will request for volunteers to select an alternate region base. In the event that there are not enough volunteers, a random method to select students will be employed to identify students to base in an alternate location.

Students will be notified prior to the briefing meeting of their assignment.


After students have been assigned to a primary region, they will attend a required informational meeting.

Information will also be provided about OEE policies, regulations and timelines. Instructions will be provided at the informational meeting on the use of ELMS to:

  1. Review site information
  2. How to find unique site requirements( these will assist students in their preferencing process)
  3. Input rotations preferences
  4. Input work history

Students need to keep in mind that many factors might affect a site’s or preceptor’s availability: i.e. faculty numbers, other student requests, limitations of space and personnel at sites, etc.


Students will be notified by e-mail that rotation assignments are available in ELMS.


  1. Pharmacy is a dynamic profession; the OEE reserves the right to make substitutions and necessary changes in course requirements without prior notice
  2. Changes required by the experiential program, such as site/preceptor availability, conflicts with other professional programs or the IPPE program, are at the discretion of the OEE
  3. Students may request a change in rotation assignment. The request must be made on the Request for Change form or in writing. The OEE may approve or deny the request
  4. Students are NOT to contact sites about availability. Any student doing so will be denied placement at that site
  5. Requests for change of practice site should be made only when there is a genuine need


Towards the end of the semester, prior to students starting APPE rotations, a briefing meeting will be held to provide APPE rotation instructions, policies, regulations, forms, training, and deadlines that must be met.


The following items must be submitted to the OEE in accordance regulations and deadlines:

  1. Signed and dated Practice Agreement form. This acknowledges that you have reviewed the EE manual, including all policies, regulations, timelines, and agree to abide by them.
  2. SWOSU COP Confidentiality Statement, two copies, one will be signed and turned in accordance with the OEE policy, and a second form to be signed at the briefing meeting and placed in your portfolio.
  3. Clinical Rotations Hazards Informed Consent/Occupational Exposure Instructions students will sign, date, have witnessed, and turned in accordance with the OEE policy.
  4. Permission to release information (if not completed and submitted upon COP admission).
  5. Professionalism Policy Attestation Statement This acknowledges that you have reviewed the Professionalism Policy and agree to abide by it.
  6. Immunization Policy and Agreement students will sign, date and submit in accordance with the OEE policy.
  7. Anticipated Place of Employment During Rotations This acknowledges that you have read and understand the included statements and will abide by the guidelines set forth.
  8. Pharmacist’s Letter Agreement students will sign, date and submit in accordance with the OEE policy.


The following should be in the student’s portfolio and/or the students will need to be able to provide to the OEE or a rotation site if requested: (Note students are unable to download their portfolio from ELMS at graduation and should maintain their own files of any documents uploaded. In addition, students should retain a copy of any forms that they submit to the OEE, and run and save a final roster report of their rotation experiential schedule for their records. ).

  1. National background and sexual offender check
  2. Negative urine drug screen
  3. Documentation of Professional Liability Insurance
  4. Blood Borne Pathogen Training Certificate
  5. Tuberculosis Training for Healthcare Workers Certificate
  6. Additional Pharmacist’s Letter courses as required
  7. SWOSU Confidentiality Statement signed within the timelines specified by the OEE
  8. Copy of Clinical Rotations Hazards Informed Consent/Occupational Exposure Instructions sheet
  9. Vitae form
  10. Current Cumulative Immunization Record
  11. Any additional certificates of required training

Students may be required to provide copies to their rotation site of documents in their portfolio.

Any student, who fails to meet these requirements as set by the OEE, will experience a consequence for failing to complete and/or provide documentation per the regulations and deadlines set by the OEE. (See specific consequences outlined in the student section.)


  1. Final Grading for APPE rotations is on the follow scale:
    A=93 and above
    F=69 and below
  2. Final Grades may be comprised of any of the following (See course sections for specific details):
    1. Evaluations completed by the faculty or preceptor
      1. Medicine Evaluation
      2. Non-Medicine Evaluation
    2. Examinations
      1. Oral
      2. Written
      3. Practical
    3. Projects
    4. On-line Course Work
    5. Presentations
    6. Other assignments may be given to you by your faculty member or by your preceptor ad hoc