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C. Developing Your Experiential Education Rotation

1. Valuable Rotation Experiences will Include the Following Elements

  1. Design rotation to meet the learner’s level of education
    1. IPPE
    2. APPE
  2. Design rotation to meet the learner’s level of experience and interest
  3. Orientation to site and personnel
    1. Introduction to primary and secondary preceptor and other pharmacy staff
    2. Tour facility, acclimate student to pharmacy layout and workflow
    3. Introduce student to equipment, computer programs and other systems
    4. Acquaint student with site policies and procedures
  4. Clear communication of expectations
    1. Cover both preceptor and student expectations early in the rotation
    2. Encourage students to perform self-evaluations of performance
  5. Outline the student’s responsibilities (these should be reasonable, yet challenging)
    1. Review syllabus, goals and objectives
    2. Set goals
    3. Develop a rotation calendar and assign daily activities to help the students achieve goals
  6. Involve student in daily activities and patient care
  7. Role model desired behaviors
  8. Express enthusiasm for your work
  9. Provide adequate supervision of the student
  10. Encourage self-directed learning
  11. Provision of timely feedback
    1. Provide feedback on a regular basis
    2. Discuss strengths
    3. Discuss areas that need improvement
    4. Complete formal mid-point and final evaluations
  12. Assign appropriate grade
    1. Students will rise to your expectations
    2. Recognize excellence