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B. Qualifications to Serve as an Experiential Education Site

  1. Comply with all local, state and Federal laws.
  2. Maintain appropriate licensure to serve as a training site.
  3. Have executed an Affiliation Agreement with the SWOSU College of Pharmacy.
  4. Have controls in place to maintain patient confidentiality and comply with HIPAA requirements.
  5. Protect students’ rights in accordance with FERPA.
  6. Maintain adequate physical facilities and personnel to ensure students receive oversight, professional guidance, and performance feedback.
  7. Practice environment maintains a professional image.
  8. Provide a workload to the student of a level that facilitates student learning.
  9. Maintain a collection of resources that meet or exceed state board of pharmacy requirements (i.e. equipment and/or drug information).
  10. Use regular feedback from the college and students to improve student learning and outcomes.
  11. Provide students the opportunity to apply foundational knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and attitudes necessary to the provision of patient-centered care.
  12. Contribute to the students’ knowledge, skills, attributes, behaviors, and attitudes necessary to develop essentials for practice and care (patient-centered care, medication use evaluations, health and wellness promotion, and an understanding of how population-based care influences patient-centered care).
  13. Provide opportunities which allow students to develop problem solving and teaching skills, become a patient advocate, work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals and develop effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  14. Model and expect professional behavior and provide opportunities to expand students’ self-awareness, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.