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E. Rotation Policies

1. Site Requirements and Policies

Students will follow rotation site requirements and policies even if they differ from, or are more stringent than the College of Pharmacy.

2. Disciplinary Action and Termination

  1. Any student who must be terminated because of conduct during a rotation MAY be given a failing grade and MAY not be reassigned until the next rotation, or the next semester, depending on the offense
  2. Any student who is under investigation for actions occurring at a rotation site that could lead to possible disciplinary action will receive an incomplete for that rotation until the investigation is resolved. This will be enforced even if the student had been informed of a grade before the investigation began. Depending on the outcome of the investigation the "I" will be replaced with the earned grade or disciplinary action will be carried out
  3. Cheating on any project or examination given in EE rotations (including plagiarism) will not be tolerated. Cheating will result in a failing grade for the rotation and dismissal from the course

3. Absences

Students will obtain in advance approval for any planned absences from both their preceptor and Experiential Education faculty member, if applicable (i.e. for IPPE and non-clinical APPE rotations). These planned absences would include appointments for job interviews, physician appointments, etc.

In the event of an unplanned absence, for example illness or car trouble, the student must notify both their preceptor and Experiential Education faculty member in a timely manner. Documentation of the event may be required.

Any student who seeks medical attention due to an accident or illness must provide a health care provider’s note documenting the time missed and a release stating when the student may resume the rotation. The documentation should be submitted to their preceptor and Experiential Education faculty member.

In order to satisfactorily complete the rotation, students should make up missed hours per an approved plan with their preceptor and Experiential Education faculty member. Missed hours may be made up by arriving early, staying late, taking shorter breaks, substituting non-scheduled rotation days, or fulfilling hours in other approved ways.

A student's failure to comply with the policies outlined above may result in an unexcused absence(s) that can result in failure of the rotation.

Excessive absences and inability to make up hours in an approved manner may result in failure of the rotation.

Failing a rotation will result in a delay of graduation.

4. HIPAA and Confidentiality

Information students gain about patients or sites through their Experiential Education activities must be considered personal and confidential. Such information must not be circulated or discussed outside of Experiential Education settings. Discussions of patient care (example - Medical History, Medications, Disease States, etc.) or site information (example - financial information, pricing, customer lists, contracts, trade secrets, etc.) should not take place outside the site or in hallways, lunchrooms, or in the presence of patients or other departments and/or employees.

Patient and site information should not be removed from the Experiential Education site. Breach of HIPAA policies or loss of trust through lack of confidentially can have serious consequences, not only for the patient and his family but for the student, rotation site and the College of Pharmacy.

Students are required to sign the SWOSU COP Agreement to Maintain Confidentiality of Patient Protected Health Information prior to selected experiential education opportunities, IPPE and APPE rotations.

Any student, who fails to meet these requirements as set by the OEE, will experience a consequence for failing to complete and/or provide documentation per the regulations and deadlines set by the OEE. (See specific consequences outlined in the students section.)

5. Laws and Hour Reporting

  1. All reports to the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy will be made by the OEE. Students will receive 300 hours for IPPE activities unless indicated otherwise by your preceptor. Each of the nine (9) APPE rotations will be calculated on an eight hour per day calendar month basis, unless otherwise indicated by your preceptors
  2. *Some exceptions apply see site descriptions in ELMS for more information
  3. The student is responsible for reporting concurrent hours earned in any state outside of Oklahoma to that State board of Pharmacy
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure a preceptor is on duty while on rotations. Preceptors (other than university faculty who may have 2 interns) may only have one intern at a time. If there is more than one intern on site with one preceptor, the student is to leave the site and contact their Experiential Education faculty or the OEE immediately. Students may need to be flexible and be willing to have an alternate schedule if necessary. If a schedule cannot be worked out where the student can meet the requirements for the Experiential Education rotation, the student may be moved to a new site

6. Academic Integrity

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