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Student Learning Outcomes NAPLEX*

NAPLEX* First-Time Pass Rates - SWOSU PharmD

as reported on the NABP website

Calendar Year Number of
School's Pass Rate National Pass Rate
2020 51 90.20% 88.43%
2019 41 92.68% 88.34%
2018 49 93.88% 89.46%
2017 38 92.11% 87.95%

NAPLEX* First-Time Pass Rates - SWOSU PharmD

SWOSU's PharmD program is the only one in the nation that admits twice yearly. The following data shows the combined pass rates for the entire graduating class for each academic year.

Academic Year Total Number of 
Combined Academic 
Year Pass Rate
Fall Graduate 
Pass Rate
Spring Graduate 
Pass Rate
2019/2020 86 90.70% 91.43% 90.20%
2018/2019 74 95.95% 100.00% 92.68%
2017/2018 81 92.59% 90.63% 93.88%

*Graduates who apply for a pharmacist license are required to take the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX). This exam measures whether a prospective pharmacist is qualified and competent to practice. This data is for first time test takers only.

#The data includes only students who graduate and take the exam in the same calendar year.