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medicalThe mission of the Pre-Medical Professions Advisory Committee is to generate a committee-based evaluation and letter of reference for a student applying to a professional school which requires or highly suggests submission of these items.

  • The committee conducts the evaluation by rating both individual and overall student characteristics.
  • The overall recommendation is based on courses completed, strength of schedule, overall and science GPAs, and professional exam scores (i.e., MCAT, OAT, DAT, GRE). Committee members also consider the character and leadership skills of the applicant, as may be evaluated by reviewing the personal statement, interaction with the student both inside and outside the classroom, student involvement in extracurricular activities, work experiences, student exposure to the field of interest, and communication skills displayed during the interview.
  • The letter of reference is led by the committee member who best knows the student. Other committee members or other SWOSU faculty who have personally worked with the student may add to the letter. The letter is reviewed by other committee members prior to its finalization.

The committee evaluation and letter of reference are held in high regard by those professional schools which require or highly suggest an applicant use them. It is recognized that many committee members interact with (and therefore know) applicants at the individual level. Furthermore, a committee recommendation is based on several faculty members’ perspectives who most likely have encountered the student in several classes and other outside activities. Consequently, the committee evaluation and letter often serve in place of two single reference letters for the professional school. Please note that an applicant cannot use an individual committee member as a single reference for the same school for which they use a committee recommendation.

Contact the committee chair or one of the committee members below to be added to the Pre-Medical Advisory Committee CANVAS page for information and updates.

Committee Members

Follow the links or contact a committee member below for more information

  • Ms. Sue Ball (Chair), Instructor, Department of Biological Sciences  580.774.3085
  • Dr. Jimena Aracena, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences 580.774.3099
  • Dr. David Martyn, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Physics 580.774.3114
  • Dr. Anne Pate, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing & Allied Health 580.774.6332
  • Dr. Trevor Ellis, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Physics 580.774.3200
  • Ms. Brandy Chase, Instructor, Department of Nursing and Allied Health 580.774/3186