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Committee Interview Information

medicalRelevant for Students Applying to These Types of Schools for Acceptance in the Subsequent School Year

  • Medical / Osteopathic
  • Physician Associate
  • Optometric
  • Dental

Committee Members

  • Ms. Sue Ball (Chair), Instructor, Department of Biological Sciences  580.774.3085
  • Dr. Jimena Aracena, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences 580.774.3099
  • Dr. David Martyn, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Physics 580.774.3114
  • Dr. Anne Pate, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing & Allied Health 580.774.6332
  • Dr. Trevor Ellis, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Physics 580.774.3200
  • Ms. Brandy Chase, Instructor, Department of Nursing and Allied Health 580.774/3186

Committee Purpose

  • To generate a Committee evaluation and letter of recommendation for student applicant
    • Based on courses completed, GPA, entrance exam score, personal statement, interaction with student both inside and outside the classroom, student activities, student experience in field, and interview skills
    • Don’t downplay the interview – this may be the first time a Committee member has ever seen you!
    • Letter is often led by a Committee member who best knows the student, and other members contribute
  • Held in high regard by Professional schools
    • Many Professional schools realize that Committee members interact with (and therefore know) applicants on a personal level
    • Evaluation and letter often serve in place of two single reference letters
    • An applicant cannot use a Committee member as another reference 

Interview Process

    • Sign up for an interview date with the Committee Chair 
      • Contact information: 
      • Interviews will not be given outside dates set – interviews are held during Summer and early Fall
      • A student can only interview once within the application year
      • A student must re-interview if re-applying in the following application year, to update the committee so that a new evaluation and letter may be generated. Letters from the previous application year will not be sent out for a student who is re-applying for admission in a different school year. 
    • Complete and TURN IN the FORMSTACK which was sent to you by the committee chair at least one week before your interview date: This form will require the following: 
      • Concise resume (one page if possible): education, experience, employment, extracurricular activities, etc.
      • Unofficial transcript(s), including Fall classes and, if possible, a course plan for Spring 
      • MCAT or other professional test score (i.e., GRE, DAT, OAT) 
        • Note:  We will not interview you without a test score
      • Personal statement (draft is fine) — usually required with professional school submission
      • Note: Please have SOMEONE read your statement before submitting your statement — Committee members and other faculty are here to help!
    • List of schools, addresses, and due dates to which you will apply
      • Note: Does not have to be totally complete for the interview, but have an idea of where you are interested in applying.
      • Note: We can send off additional letters throughout the application year. 

Note: Copies of this information will be distributed to committee members — all information is kept confidential.

Interviews will not be given without this information submitted!

  • Be prepared for the interview 
    • Length of interview: 25-30 minutes 
    • Arrive early
    • Dress up
    • Be excited and knowledgeable about your career
    • Be prepared to tell us about yourself and your interest in the medical field
    • Questions may range from an assessment of your courses, your experiences in medicine and in life, your strengths and weaknesses, current topics in the news, and your position on ethical topics
    • Feel free to ask us questions
    • Expect to receive feedback on your interview

Note: Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule an interview.

Suggestions for a Successful Application (Taken from OU Health Advisors Day):

  • Join departmental clubs 
  • Select a major of interest and prioritize academics
  • Do well on MCAT (or other pre-professional test) — study for the test and do practice tests! 
  • Gain health care experience
  • Volunteer time
  • Become involved on campus
  • Apply on-line

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