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Mission Statement

The Department of Education vision is to provide the necessary background in professional education for the development of competencies which will contribute to successful teaching, administration, and supervision in the elementary and secondary schools in our state, region, and nation.

The Department of Education mission is to prepare and sustain exemplary teachers, counselors, and administrators with an emphasis on meeting the diverse needs of students, scholarship, diverse clinical experiences, and effective classroom techniques.

Our goals include the following

  • Provide students with appropriate experiences in teaching, human growth and development, educational psychology, content, methods and materials, and directed observation and field practicum.
  • Develop emerging teachers through modeling, mentorship, collegiality, and observation and student teaching in cooperating public schools.
  • Upon graduation from the initial or advanced programs, these professionals will possess the content/pedagogical expertise, disposition to improve educational practices, and the social/psychological preparation needed to function effectively in a global environment.

The Department of Education is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA).