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Teacher Education Council

The Teacher Education Council (TEC) formalizes policy adjustments for the initial and advanced programs of the Department of Education. The TEC considers and approves all policy decisions in the teacher education programs and for the general coordination between the Arts and Sciences and Education.  The TEC meets at least twice a year, once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester.  The Chairperson of the Department of Education chairs the Council.

The Teacher Education Council Membership consists of:

  1. one (1) faculty representative from each academic department housing a teacher education program;
  2. two (2) initial teacher candidates;
  3. the Coordinator of Field Services;
  4. the Chair of the Department of Education;
  5. the Department of Education faculty; and
  6. the program directors of initial and advanced programs.

The responsibilities of the Council are to:

  1. coordinate the planning of policies and standards for the development and implementation of the Teacher Education program;
  2. coordinate and develop policies and standards that govern the admission of students into the Teacher Education program;
  3. coordinate and develop policies and standards that govern students' progression and completion of the Teacher Education program.
  4. Constant review of those students who have been admitted to the Teacher Education program; and
  5. evaluate the performance of graduates from the Teacher Education program as a basis for future program revisions.