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External Scholarship Donor Information

SWOSU recognizes and accepts on behalf of our students all funding sources who wish to contribute to the successful development of our excellent student body. If you’re an external donor who has generously funded a scholarship for a student to attend SWOSU, here are a few details you might need.

Disclosure of a Student's Cost of Attendance and Other Financial Aid

Donors wishing information regarding the student's other awards, estimated cost of attendance, or financial need should ask the student to submit a copy of his/her Financial Aid Award Letter. This standard award letter is available to students through the Office of Student Financial Services.

A student's signed authorization to release confidential information to the donor must be received by the Office of Student Financial Services before any information can be provided to the donor. Verification of actual costs of attendance should be obtained directly from the student.

Confirmation of Enrollment

Southwestern Oklahoma State University will provide a confirmation of enrollment at the student's or donor's request, in order to facilitate a scholarship payment.

Evaluation of Academic Performance

If an evaluation of academic performance is required for subsequent scholarship payments, the student should be asked to request that an official transcript be released from the SWOSU Office of the Academic Records.