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Transfer Students

Transfer Scholarships

SWOSU believes that scholarships play an important part in providing both In-State and Out-of-State transfer students with opportunities to complete their education.

Transfer Student
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In-State Transfer Students

In-state Transfer Scholarships are awarded each year for students enrolled full-time (min. of 12 hours) and meeting minimum academic requirements while working toward their first bachelor’s degree.

In-State Transfer Scholarships are offered at three different tiers based on transfer GPA of at least 12 credit hours.

Tier 1

3.8 GPA and higher: $4,500 per year towards tuition ($2,250 per semester)

Tier 2

3.5 GPA and higher: $1,000 per year towards tuition ($500 per semester)

Tier 3

3.1 GPA and higher: $500 per year towards tuition ($250 per semester)


$500 per year towards tuition ($250 per semester)

Institutional Scholarship Awards will automatically be credited to the student records provided the student is enrolled.

Out-of-State Transfer Students

Out-of-State transfer students may qualify to have the nonresident charges waived if they are transferring with at least a 2.0 GPA.

Weatherford Community Scholarships

In-State and Out-of-State students interested in transferring to SWOSU should also complete the Weatherford Community Scholarship Application by the May 15th deadline prior to attendance in the following fall semester. Applications must be submitted by December 15th for the spring semester. Full academic transcripts from all prior colleges must be on file in the registrar's office by June 15th for the fall awards or January 15th for the spring awards. This application may be completed by any transfer student completing an associate degree with a minimum of a 3.25 cumulative GPA. This award may be applied toward tuition, fees, room, board and/or books at SWOSU.

Weatherford Community
Scholarship Application