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Online BSN to MSN Recommended Computer Setup

SWOSU offers a fully online BSN to MSN program designed for those who already hold a bachelor's degree in Nursing from a nationally accredited nursing program (ACEN, CONE, NLIN) accredited nursing programs or those enrolled in their last semester of a bachelor's degree in Nursing program.

Recommended Computer Setup

  • Courses with quizzes require the use of Lockdown Browser, which operates with Internet Explorer. Students should have access to this web browser when taking courses that require quizzes. 
  • SWOSU strongly suggests the use of a desktop pc vs a tablet for our courses; tablets do not allow for an optimized learning experience for online courses. 
  • Internet access required (Broadband, Cable, DSL is recommended as students with dial-up may experience degraded performance)
  • Windows Vista/7 or later or Mac OS X or later
  • 2GB of RAM minimum
  • 2 GHz or faster processor
  • 60GB hard drive or larger
  • Sound card
  • Speakers and headphone connected to the computer
  • Microphone (can be built in)
  • Inkjet or laser printer

Software Requirements

  • Web browser (Internet Explorer ver. 8.0 or higher, Firefox ver. 3.5 or higher, Chrome 7.0 or later, Safari 5.0 or later)
  • Microsoft Office 2007 or later for PC (Mac 2011 or later)
  • Adobe Reader ver. 9 or higher
  • Adobe Flash Player ver. 10 or higher
  • Apple QuickTime ver. 7 or higher
  • Windows Media Player ver. 11 or higher
  • Antivirus software (e.g., McAfee or Norton) installed, running, and kept current by promptly installing the upgrades and patches made available by the software manufacturer
  • Webcam (minimum resolution at 640x480 standard definition)
  • Monitoring software is required for online exams in two courses (statistics and evidence-based practice), and is an additional cost

Note: students should have personal internet connections as some workplaces block all or part of the learning management material.