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Opportunities to Get Involved


  • Link to a list of SWOSU Organizations
  • Most commonly, students going into the health professions join
    • Allied Health Science Student Organization
    • Biology Club (and the Tri-Beta Honor Society)
    • Chemistry Club
    • Kappa Epsilon (Pharmacy Club)
    • Kappa Psi (Pharmacy Club)
    • Medical Professions Club
    • Phi Delta Chi (Pharmacy Club)
    • Physics Club

Strive to be an active member

Community Involvement

Many times, SWOSU Organizations have community projects planned in which you can participate by being a member.

  • Community Projects may include
    • American Cancer Society Relay for Life
    • American Heart Association Walk
    • Special Olympics
    • Participation in food or clothes drives
    • Volunteer activities involving shelters, the elderly, or the sick
    • Educating others about specific health issues
    • Assisting with immunization clinics or free health screenings
  • Additional organized opportunities associated with SWOSU
    • Agape Free Health Clinic
    • APhA-ASP (Pharmacy Club)

Do not feel limited to the list above
You can volunteer on your own or organize your own community activity.

Shadowing / Employment / Research Opportunities

  • Start by contacting your personal family practitioners for shadowing, assisting, or employment opportunities.
  • Talk with other students or faculty members to obtain the contact information of practitioners who commonly allow pre-professional students to shadow or assist. 
  • Read the local newspaper (i.e., Weatherford Daily News) or look online for job openings.
  • Gain certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Phlebotomist, Dental Assistant, or in other areas to have greater access to hands-on experience.
  • Contact the nearest university which offers the professional program of interest to determine whether they offer any open houses or short courses within that program.
  • Become a teaching or grading assistant at SWOSU.
  • Apply to a summer medical internship program:
    • St. Anthony’s Hospital
    • Deaconess Hospital
    • Search online
  • Get involved in Biomedical research
    • Contact SWOSU faculty for research opportunities
    • Apply to summer research programs