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Opportunities to Get Involved


  • Link to a list of SWOSU Organizations
  • Most commonly, students going into the health professions join
    • Allied Health Student Organization
    • Biology Club (and the Tri-Beta Honor Society)
    • Chemistry Club
    • Kappa Epsilon (Pharmacy Club)
    • Kappa Psi (Pharmacy Club)
    • Medical Professions Club
    • Mu Rho Alpha (Health Information Management Club)
    • Physics Club

(NOTE:  Strive to be an active member)

Community Involvement

Many times, SWOSU Organizations have community projects planned in which you can participate by being a member.

  • Community Projects may include
    • American Cancer Society Relay for Life
    • American Heart Association Walk
    • Special Olympics
    • Participation in food or clothes drives
    • Volunteer activities involving shelters, the elderly, or the sick
    • Educating others about specific health issues
    • Assisting with immunization clinics or free health screenings
  • Additional organized opportunities associated with SWOSU
    • Agape Free Health Clinic

(NOTE: Do not feel limited to the list above - You can volunteer on your own or organize your own community activity)

Internship Opportunities for SWOSU Course Credit

The School of Allied Health Sciences offers two courses in which you can enroll (with departmental approval) to document shadowing activities.

  • Courses include
    • ALHLT 3972 – Eighty hour internship required of Health Science Majors in which the student rotates through several departments of the health care facility plus conducts a project at the facility to gain an overall understanding of how that facility functions. As part of the final grade, the student must fill out daily log sheets which are verified by the facility and creates a notebook in which their experience is documented.
    • ALHLT 3971 – Forty hour internship which provides elective credits to Health Science Majors. The student chooses a mentor to shadow within a specific health care field of interest. As part of the final grade, the student must fill out daily log sheets which are verified by the mentor, interviews the mentor, investigates the field of interest, and creates a notebook in which their experience is documented.

Shadowing / Employment / Research Opportunities

  • Start by contacting your personal family practitioners for shadowing, assisting, or employment opportunities.
  • Talk with other students or faculty members to obtain the contact information of practitioners who commonly allow pre-professional students to shadow or assist. 
  • Read the local newspaper (i.e., Weatherford Daily News) or look online for job openings.
  • Gain certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Phlebotomist, Dental Assistant, or in other areas to have greater access to hands-on experience.
  • Contact the nearest university which offers the professional program of interest to determine whether they offer any open houses or short courses within that program.
  • Become a teaching or grading assistant at SWOSU.
  • Apply to a summer medical internship program:
    • St. Anthony’s Hospital
    • Deaconess Hospital
    • Search online
  • Get involved in Biomedical research
    • Contact SWOSU faculty for research opportunities
    • Apply to summer research programs