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Tutoring & Support

Everyone Could Use A Little Help


While many of you may be able to compare and contrast the orbital characteristics of an asteroid with those of a comet while reciting the Gettysburg Address as you calculate the square route of 144… the rest of us… well, we are going to need a little help with that.

That’s why SWOSU offers Tutoring in many subject areas. Our tutors know their stuff and pass that knowledge on to you. We offer tutoring on campus and online in math, history, physics, biological sciences, political science, language arts, etc.

Writing Center

Ever get that, “I don’t know where to begin” feeling while staring at a blank computer screen that is silently taunting you with the knowledge that your paper is due in a week? Okay, who hasn’t?  But, before you panic, contact our Writing Center. The Writing Center can help you with writing assignments, papers, speeches and presentations. You can schedule an appointment, drop by or ask for a consultation online. We want you to succeed once you’re a Bulldog and helping you hone your communication skills is elemental to your success!

Academic Support Center

It’s an adjustment moving from one school to another. Whether you’re entering SWOSU directly from high school, transferring from another institution or returning after being out of school for several years, the Academic Support Center is here to help you transition to college life. And, the SSC is not just about academics and studying, but we can help you with career exploration, life skills and navigating campus resources.