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Undergraduate Research

Your Search for Research Ends Here (or does it?)

When you think of university research, you are probably thinking of the graduate research that happens at much larger, comprehensive universities. Well, free your mind of that concept because SWOSU is a RESEARCH university and we have plenty of undergraduate research opportunities for students.

SWOSU Student Research Solves Real Problems

Many academic departments encourage and require student-driven research. SWOSU student researchers are given ample opportunity to work with their peers and present their findings:

  • SWOSU Research & Scholarly Activity Fair
  • Research Day at the Capitol
  • Oklahoma Research Day
  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Here are just a few SWOSU student research projects recently presented:

  • defoliation of Salt Cedar on Washita National Wildlife Refuge
  • sustainable future food supplies in a changing climate
  • fresh water ecosystems
  • bacterial pathogens
  • caffeine metabolism gene in humans
  • smart mugs that identify protein and sugar levels in drinks
  • negative effects of energy drinks
  • effectiveness of music therapy for patients with cancer
  • ADHD communication
  • And, yes, even the existence of Big Foot

Seriously, if you’re interested in research that helps the human condition,
betters our planet, explores other planets, improves U.S. economic
growth or advances technology, SWOSU is the place for you.