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Career Guidance


If you’re still questioning, What do I want to be when I grow up?, attending SWOSU can help you decide. Our diverse course offerings and dedicated staff are here to help guide you into the degree programs that will prepare you for the career and future you want.

If you do have an idea, but want to EXPLORE your options, SWOSU has the people and the technology to you investigate different programs of study, look into marketplace futures and see which careers are in demand, research which careers pay the best and even help you match your personality traits with the jobs that are most suited for you.

You can get started by

  • Participating in Freshman Orientation – A one-credit-hour course that meets for the first eight weeks of the semester and covers topics such as campus orientation, time management, study techniques, library skills, note-and-test-taking skills and CAREER GUIDANCE.
  • Visiting Academic Support Center – Where the friendly staff will help you with career and major exploration.
  • Talk to us – SWOSU faculty and staff are here to point you in the right direction. If you have questions about certain career options or paths, visit with our faculty or department staff. They are experienced and have relevant insight into their chosen fields.