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Health Care Insurance


Health care in the U.S. is different from most countries and can potentially cause financial difficulties to students. Quality health insurance helps protect you from high medical expenses; therefore, SWOSU requires all international students maintain health insurance.

All international students are automatically enrolled in and charged a premium for the SWOSU school sponsored plan. The only students for whom this requirement will be waived are those who already receive insurance coverage through a scholarship program. Students are required to submit a copy of their insurance card to the International Student Services office to receive this waiver.

The SWOSU sponsored health insurance plan, administered by ISO Student Health Insurance, is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for international students at an affordable rate.

Students are encouraged to understand the benefits and levels of coverage carefully and completely. Navigate the brochure with these terminologies:

  • Deductible: the amount you pay for covered services before your insurance plan begins to pay.
  • Co-pay: a fixed fee you pay for medical services each visit.
  • Co-insurance: the percentage of splitting a bill between the insurance company and you. The percentage listed in the brochure is the proportion that insurance covers.

To learn more, go to ISO Insurance Dictionary.

For more Frequently Asked Questions, go to ISO FAQ.

ISO also created informational videos to help international students understand how the U.S. healthcare system works, how to find a doctor, file a claim and explanation of benefits.

We wish you best health, and should you have any questions, ISO always stands by your side, ready to assist you.