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Step-by-Step Student Online Instructions for GroupOne Background Check

This is an online BSN completion program designed for those who already hold an associate degree in Nursing or those enrolled in their last semester of an associate degree program.

  • Type in into your web browser
  • Once you are at the GroupOne web page, click on GroupOne Students on the right hand side in the green shaded area.
  • Once you are at the GroupOne student page make sure you follow the prompts
  • The very first page of the GroupOne Background screening wizard contains a Welcome page, and gives a brief explanation about our services.
  • On the second page you select your state, school, and discipline and click add to add to the screening.
  • The third page has a application disclosure which you will sign on- line using our E-sign function ( you basically place your curser in the radio-dot to agree or to disagree) this page also displays the full price of the screening
  • The fourth page is where you will enter your basic information which includes First/middle/last name, Social security number, date of birth, email address, phone number, gender, and current mailing address. (Students do not receive results only faculty)
  • The fifth page allows for the student to enter previous last names, if you have multiple, click add last name to add to page. This page also request the last (7) years worth of previous address information, if you are unable to remember any of your previous address, at least provide GroupOne with city, state and zip, for the last (7) years. To add additional fields, click add.
  • The sixth page is a verification page, in which you should verify all of the information that has been entered for your screening. If any of the information is incorrect, please use the back arrows to make the necessary corrections.
  • The seventh page is the payment page. If you were given a payment code (see top right hand corner), please enter it in the payment code field.

If you, the student are required to pay, you may pay using the following options

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Money Order payment-To take advantage of this option, you will need to contact GroupOne and give First, last name, School, School discipline and you will be provided a payment code in exchange for your money order payment. At that point you will complete the on-line background screening.

The last page of the wizard should provide you with 1 of 3 confirmation messages:

  • Confirmation for payment code payment- which states, payment code provided matches the range of codes distributed to the school of choice.
  • Confirmation for Credit Card Payment- which includes a confirmation number along with a transaction number.
  • Confirmation of Error- Which states that the site could not contact your banking institution.

*For Questions please contact: GroupOne @ 972-719-4208.

Email a copy of your payment confirmation to