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L. Drug Testing

Upon admission to the COP and at various during the program, students are required to complete a urine drug screen at a SWOSU COP approved screening agency at their expense. COP students must have on file, a documented negative drug screen completed within 12 months of any rotation. The results of the screen are sent directly to the COP. Students should obtain a copy of their most current drug screen from the COP, prior to beginning an Experiential Education course. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain a copy of the drug screen during their tenure with the COP. Students must be able to provide documentation of the most current drug screen if requested by the OEE or a rotation site.

If a student has a break in enrollment or if the student is unable to provide a copy of the drug screen if requested, the student will be required obtain another urine drug screen, at their expense, with the results sent directly to the COP. This must be done in accordance with the OEE regulations and timelines.

Any student, who fails to meet these requirements as set by the OEE, will experience a consequence for failing to complete and/or provide documentation per the regulations and deadlines set by the OEE. (See specific consequences outlined in the students section.)