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J. HIPAA and Confidentiality

Information students gain about patients or sites through their Experiential Education activities must be considered personal and confidential. Such information must not be circulated or discussed outside of Experiential Education settings. Discussions of patient care (example - Medical History, Medications, Disease States, etc.) or site information (example - financial information, pricing, customer lists, contracts, trade secrets, etc.) should not take place outside the site or in hallways, lunchrooms, or in the presence of patients or other departments and/or employees.

Patient and site information should not be removed from the Experiential Education site.

Breach of HIPAA policies or loss of trust through lack of confidentially can have serious consequences, not only for the patient and his family but for the student, rotation site and the College of Pharmacy.

Students are required to sign the SWOSU COP Agreement to Maintain Confidentiality of Patient Protected Health Information prior to selected experiential education opportunities, IPPE and APPE rotations.

Any student, who fails to meet these requirements as set by the OEE, will experience a consequence for failing to complete and/or provide documentation per the regulations and deadlines set by the OEE. (See specific consequences outlined in the students section.)