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Challenge Course

Ropes Course at Crowder Lake

ropes-courseSWOSU operates an extensive Challenge Course with both low and high elements designed to enhance group cohesion, communication skills, trust, problem solving abilities, self-confidence, and leadership. The high course elements radiate from a central tower with three different cable traverses, a balance walk across a telephone pole, and a four-foot jump at heights of up to 50 feet above the ground. The high course concludes with a harrowing 100-yard cable zip from 50 to 10 feet in a matter of seconds. The course also includes a power pole. This activity involves jumping from the top of a telephone pole and grabbing a trapeze bar. The outer walls of the central tower are used for rappelling and a climbing gym is located inside.

Other programs available include basic or advanced rappelling instruction, anchor building, climbing, canoeing and sailing.

Crowder Lake University Park has a no alcohol policy.


Activity Fee Structure Per Day

$350 Groups of up to 15
$400 Groups of up to 20
$450 Groups of up to 25
$500 Groups of up to 30
$550 Groups of up to 35
$600 Groups of up to 40

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Map & Directions

Directions to Crowder Lake State / University Park:

From I-40, take Highway 54 South Exit immediately west of Weatherford. Go seven miles south on Highway 54. At the Crowder Lake sign turn left / east and go two miles on pavement. At the next intersection turn right / south. Go south for one mile. At the next intersection turn right / west. The park is approximately three-quarters of a mile from this intersection.




Hummel, Paul, Instructor; Dir. Crowder Lake Park
HEC 214-E | 580.774.6015