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F. Overview of Experiential Education

The Experiential Education program is the practice component of the SWOSU College of Pharmacy curriculum. The goal of this program is to provide mechanisms to develop the students’ attitudes, skills, and knowledge in preparation to provide pharmaceutical care.

Pharmacy experiential education at SWOSU consists of two different components: the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiential Education (IPPE) and the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential education (APPE). IPPEs are completed throughout the students’ first three professional years and APPEs are completed during the fourth professional year of the curriculum. Student placement locations for both IPPEs and APPEs include the entire state of Oklahoma as well as locations outside the state borders. More than one-fourth of the curricular hours in the professional pharmacy program at SWOSU are experiential in nature. These hours facilitate the learning-by-doing methodology.

Experiential education permits students to learn from working with pharmacists in the various pharmacy practice settings, from interacting with other health care professionals, and from directly caring for patients in various settings.

Students who are accepted into the professional pharmacy program at SWOSU are making a commitment to their education and to the College of Pharmacy. This commitment comes with certain responsibilities including the financial responsibility for the additional costs of transportation, housing, relocation, etc. during the experiential education components of the curriculum.

Students do not receive remuneration for any experiential education course.