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C. Pharmacy Practice Vision, Mission & Values Statement

1. Vision

To develop pharmacy practitioners with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to deliver exemplary patient-centered care and advance the profession of pharmacy.

2. Mission

The Department of Pharmacy Practice develops highly competent practitioners who deliver quality patient-centered care in diverse settings as part of a health care team; provides service to the University, community and profession; and imparts new knowledge to the pharmacy profession through scholarship. 

3. Values

The Department of Pharmacy Practice embraces these values as foundational pillars:

  • Developing a strong knowledge base and critical thinking skills.
  • Fostering effective communication and collaboration skills to promote team-based patient-centered care.
  • Creating an environment where faculty and preceptors mentor patient-centered care and interprofessional collaboration.
  • Developing a life-long commitment to self-assessment and professional development.
  • Cultivating professionalism, compassion, mutual respect, preservation of human dignity and personal accountability among students, faculty, preceptors, patients and the community.