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E. Resources for Preceptors and Students

1. ELMS-Experiential Learning Management System


  1. What can you do in ELMS?
    1. What can you do in ELMS?
      1. Manage your account and contact information for the Experiential Education Program
      2. View contact information for the Experiential Education Program
      3. View rotation dates and announcements from the COP
      4. Find program information on SWOSU’s Experiential Education Program
      5. Get Student Immunization documentation, Certifications (CPR and Immunization) and Rotation Training Certificates
      6. Complete student evaluations
      7. Run student evaluation of preceptor reports (must have a minimum of 3 completed evaluations)
      8. Utilize the “How To” section in the Document library to find:
        1. Your library log-in
        2. Access rotation student information
        3. Link your CORE ELMS preceptor accounts
        4. See a student view of your account
        5. Access and complete evaluations
        6. Obtain an overview of CORE ELMS
      9. A Document Library includes a Preceptor Development and Resources section. This section includes:
        1. Rotation planning materials
        2. SWOSU Padlet site link- contains resources and CE for preceptors
      10. SWOSU College of Pharmacy links connect you to:
        1. The SWOSU College of Pharmacy homepage
        2. SWOSU College of Pharmacy Policies, Forms and Documents
        3. SWOSU Pharmacy News and Blog


Any concerns, questions, or procedural matters related to the program should be addressed in the following order of progression: the Preceptor, SWOSU Experiential faculty, IPPE Coordinator or Director of Experiential Programs, and finally the Dean’s Office.


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SWOSU Libraries

SWOSU COP provides Library Resources free for our preceptors!

This includes pharmacy specific databases, such as:

  • AccessPharmacy
  • Lexicomp
  • UpToDate
  • USP-NF
  • And many more