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Fine Arts Building


Southwestern Oklahoma State University's Fine Arts auditorium is intended primarily for the support of university-sponsored activities. The auditorium is designed to serve as an instructional facility and as a cultural center for the development of quality activities for Western Oklahoma.

One of the stated purposes of Southwestern Oklahoma State University is "Serving as a cultural center for Western Oklahoma, providing diversity in cultural experiences, and developing awareness of and appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the region."


  1. Providing the students with a safe working environment.
  2. Providing professional technical services such as sound, lighting, stage and house management.
  3. Supporting departmental programs.
  4. Providing orientation and training for students completing on-the-job tasks.
  5. Accommodating any patrons with disabilities.
  6. Providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere for patrons.
  7. Assisting with providing students the opportunity to attend educational and/or cultural programs.
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