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How Student Financial Services Figures Need


We assign you a standard budget (cost of attendance) based upon the costs associated with going to school for all students in your category. If you have extenuating circumstances like child care or excessive travel costs please contact a Student Financial Services counselor. In some cases, we can factor these items in to your overall estimated cost of attendance.

EFC - Expected Family Contribution

The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is the amount the federal government says you and your family should pay toward your education and living expenses, based on your FAFSA information. If you are a dependent student, the EFC is based on your parents' income as well as your own. If you are independent, the EFC is based only on your household income. Either way, the federal government calculates your EFC and it is not something SWOSU can change directly.

Financial Need

Your financial need is the difference between your Budget and your EFC.

Budget - EFC = Financial Need

Budget Adjustments
If you have extenuating circumstances affecting the cost of your attending school, please come speak with one of our counselors concerning your situation. Such added expenses as child care costs related to class time, excessive transportation costs to and from school, or off-site educational work like rotations or student teaching may qualify for additional budget consideration.