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Summer Financial Aid



Undergraduate students must be enrolled 12 hours for full-time and six hours for half-time (necessary for loan and work study eligibility).


Graduate students need nine hours for full-time, five for half-time and must be admitted to the Graduate Program.

Students are required to be degree-seeking at SWOSU to receive financial aid. This is a federal requirement. So, students who take classes at SWOSU during the summer that are pursuing a degree from another institution should have a consortium agreement [link to Attending More Than One College or University] started with their other school to allow them to process your summer aid while including your SWOSU hours enrolled. Not all colleges process these types of agreements though, so it is good to check with them early.

Summer Aid Request

Students must complete a Summer Aid Request form and submit it to the Office of Student Financial Services. Summer Aid Request form is available online or in our office.

Withdrawal/Summer Census Date

Many classes are offered with varying start dates during the summer term. Your aid is calculated based upon enrollment as of the census date, which is the 5th day of the regular summer term. However, if you withdraw from classes which have not yet met after the census date, this reduces the number of hours allowed for aid. Often this creates a need for a payback of student aid. Speak about this issue with a Student Financial Services Counselor prior to changing your course schedule after the census date.