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How to Lose or Delay Aid

Forgetting To Complete A Promissory Note

To accept a loan, you must complete a Master Promissory Note at Loans must be accepted while a student is enrolled and still an eligible student.

Don't Meet Verification Requirements

Students who are selected randomly for verification of their FAFSA data have their aid calculation process suspended until all needed documents are submitted to our office. If you are selected, you must supply the completed information requested to us as soon as possible. Your aid determination must stay on hold until we get everything we need. Students may view needed documents through Self Service, under Financial Aid.

To Make Satisfactory Academic Progress

We check your grades and course completion rate after each semester. If you stop meeting the satisfactory academic progress requirements, you are no longer eligible to receive aid while attending SWOSU. You can appeal for reconsideration if this occurs, but it is much better if you can maintain the progress toward your degree completion as expected. Refer to the Title IV Satisfactory Progress Requirement.

Drop Some Classes

If you drop any classes, you could lose eligibility for any private scholarships you've received. Check with the donor about their rules on this. Also dropping courses affects your Satisfactory Academic Progress. Dropping more than one-third of your hours enrolled could prove to be detrimental to your aid eligibility.

Enrollment changes made prior to the 10th day of the semester directly affects your aid eligibility for that term. Confirm the impact of part-time enrollment with the Office of Student Financial Services beforehand.

Withdraw from School

If you completely withdraw after receiving aid for the semester, the federal government will want much (if not all) of its money back. Federal awards include Pell and SEOG grants and federal Stafford Loans. We'll return the appropriate funds already applied to university charges. You'll have to return any money you received, such as your refund check, plus all funds that SWOSU has to return on your behalf.

The amount to be repaid will depend on your withdrawal date. The later you withdraw, the lower the amount you have to pay back. After the 60 percent point in a semester, no immediate payback is due, but the withdrawal still significantly affects your Satisfactory Academic Progress pass rate.

About 30 days after you withdraw, we will send you a notice of what you have to repay. It will indicate the amount that went back to the federal government that you owe to SWOSU and the amount you also owe back directly to the funding sources.

We want to see you succeed here at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. If you must withdraw from school, speak to a Student Financial Services counselor beforehand to determine the impact this may have on any future financial aid funds and your best course of action.